158 Sunset Lane
South Mantoloking
After Sandy
If you look closely you will see that
the entire porch and the foundation is
missing under the south east corner
The front door, support collum to the
right of the front door and the right
side garage door are missing
Note this picture shows the new roof
Looking East
Looking West

Before the storm the sand was more
than 6 feet higher than it is now and
you could not see the foundation
Neighbor to the south
Looking west from where the
front porch once was
South side
where the air conditioner once was
Looking west

Missing are the heating system, hot
water heater, washer/dryer, and freezer

All just gone
Looking east along the north wall
In the family for 60 years

Neighbor to the north
The person on the far side
of the garage is 6 feet tall
Northeast corner

Concrete slab which was once the porch is missing

Ground level almost 5 feet lower than pre-storm
Looking east

2-3 feet of sand on garage floor.
Concrete pilaster on left side missing.
Electrical panel in right corner.
The other garage door.
Location of front door.

Missing right pilaster and stairway to first floor
Looking through location of front door.

Upstairs door to the house is in
upper center-right side of the picture
Looking north from south east corner
Before new roof
Before new roof